Values—the collective decision of what means more are often chosen in times of stress, when the pressure of two ideas creates an impassable gorge between two things we cannot have. Though small, perhaps insignificant compared to what we are already doing to the environment, President Biden has agreed to followContinue Reading

On the afternoon of Apr. 10, 2022, a group of Cobbers gathered to perform dances and put on a show. Apart from sparking some entertainment and fun in the midst of finals and deadlines approaching, the core mission and accomplishments of the organizers of this event went much further, especiallyContinue Reading

Concordia College and Minnesota State University Moorhead hosted a collaborative “Sex in the Dark” panel Monday night to promote positive and inclusive conversations around sexual education. The panel, which was originally proposed to the Concordia Women’s and Gender Studies program by MSUM WGS student Jean Renslow, was hosted at MSUMContinue Reading

As the marker of mid-spring approaches, many are awaiting Easter break. Where children await the presence of the Easter bunny and colorful eggs filled with candy some may wonder where this joyful holiday originates from, It is a Christian belief that Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ while alsoContinue Reading