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Letter to the Editor: Alison Miller

Here at Concordia, we straddle many differences. Minnesota or North Dakota? Arts or sports? Korn Krib or the Maize? Sandy’s Donuts or…no, wait. The lesson is, Cobbers get the best of both worlds. Another example, living green or staying on a student budget? Perhaps sustainable clothing or makeup comes at a premium, but there is one type of product that you don’t have to choose between having a happy wallet or a happy Earth. E15, along with other biofuels puts the Earth first and is cost effective. Often times it is over 10 cents cheaper than traditional gasoline, saving you a latte per fill up. As good Cobbers should, you may have BREW on the mind—what are the effects of this choice on the society and world around us? E15 burns cleaner than traditional gasoline, meaning that the air we breathe is cleaner, and ethanol is a renewable resource—it isn’t cannibalism for a Cobber to use E15 in the tank either. Thanks to new developments in fuel innovation, debris-like stalks and leaves from the field can now be used, leaving enough to maintain erosion control but taking the excess and converting it into cellulosic ethanol. Sustainability nerds rejoice! So, join me in filling up our vehicles with clean, renewable, E15. Cars newer than 2001 are approved for use, so save some cash and the world. Cobbers, get rid of the ‘or’, and porque no los dos.

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