Letter to the Editor: Kyle Kazemi

Concordia’s presentation of “Men on Boats” deserves our belated standing ovation. Not the patriarchal hand of approval, rather recognition of guts and craft.

To stand and cheer comes by reflex when we see/hear/taste/feel what we came to see/hear/taste/feel—Recall the many post-performance scenes of lauding faces, waving and nodding in accord as if together saying, “Of course you could,” “That’s the way,” and, “We see you.” Perhaps we are yet rising to speak these, still forming the words, to difference. Perhaps our response to Sunday’s performance was seated by the gravity of equal and opposite.

Withal, the round owed the cast and crew of “Men on Boats” goes, “Thank you.” Thank you for helping us reimagine what adventure looks/sounds/tastes/feels like.

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