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High Risk High

Why do more college students binge drink in North Dakota than in any other state in the United States?

What’s your answer to this question? We want to hear from you! Prairie Public recently launched the Facebook group “High Risk High – College” to spark a statewide conversation about, you guessed it, drinking.  And Prairie Public is now offering a special incentive to start off the new group.

Gift cards are awesome, right? Winning one is easy. First, log on to Facebook and join the “High Risk High – College” group.  Contribute to the conversation in the form of a comment, post or video and we enter your name into a drawing to win one of several $25 Best Buy gift cards.  You can put that towards your new iPod, some iTunes, a few CDs, or a pair of headphones – all by taking a five minute break to Facebook between classes and homework.

Prairie Public created the multi-media series High Risk High to raise awareness about youth drinking in North Dakota.  The “High Risk High – College” group is just one part of the project. There are also radio stories that air periodically during Morning Edition and All Things Considered on your local public radio station and website, Our goal is to get everyone thinking, talking and asking questions about why college students drink.

Do you think that college students in North Dakota choose to drink because there isn’t enough to do on campus?  If alcohol was taken out of the picture, how would you spend your time? Did you grow up surrounded by people who drank? If so, how did that affect you?

If you’re good with a video camera, post a video about your opinions on drinking. We don’t want videos or photos of the experience itself, but rather what you’ve learned from it. You can see videos of other college students talking about the impact of alcohol on their lives on the High Risk High website.

Remember, you’re just a few steps away from potentially winning a gift card!  Log onto Facebook for a chance to win, it’s that easy.

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