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Gaming Law: FPS Fragging

First Person Shooter (FPS) gaming is one of the most popular genres of gaming out there. Since its first manifestation in games like Doom and Quake, FPS games have remained a staple in the industry. But for new players, FPS games can be quite daunting to get into. The fast paced nature of the game, coupled with the competitive atmosphere brought on by other gamers can make it difficult to enter the game. Even veteran players can find it hard to keep up in a faster growing cyber world. So today, I’ve compiled a list of ten FPS tips, tricks, and other details to help you frag out to the max.

  1. Loadout is everything. One of the best aspects of games like Battlefield or Call of Duty is the ability to choose and tailor a loadout to fit your needs. You like getting up close and personal? Rock the shotgun. Prefer to take enemies out from afar? Sniper rifles got you covered. Want to do a Rambo impression? LMGs (Light machine gun) are your bread and butter. Find the kit that works best for you and rock it!
  2. Find a mouse or controller sensitivity that works for you. This can be tricky, and there are hundreds of different ways to go about setting up the perfect sensitivity. Some players use what the professionals use, while others use defaults. What I recommend is going into a custom match with all bots or the training simulator that most FPS games have. Durdle around with your settings and practice moving the cursor. What you need to look for is how much movement do you want with the amount of effort you put in. I have different settings for different loadouts too, so I highly recommend taking some time to figure out what works best for you.
  3. Camping is a skill. Anti-camping is also a skill. Enough said.
  4. Quickscoping is your best friend. This is where you pull the scope of the gun up fast enough to get better accuracy, and drop it so that you can still see your full field of vision. This takes lots of time to master. Using a bot server is the best way to practice, so buckle down and practice those head shots!
  5. Grenade throwing is one of the most underutilized skills in FPS games. Most games have some form of grenade mechanic where you lob a projectile that explodes a certain time later. Find out how long it takes to for your grenade to explode, and practice timing it so that it explodes when you need it to. Also practice throwing at angles, and bouncing the grenade off of surfaces. This will give you an advantage when facing other teams.
  6. Don’t always go for the flashiest scopes. Lots of games have ways for you to modify your guns with all sorts of additions such as scopes and suppressors and what not. There are some scopes that work well for certain maps, and others that do not. Simply because it looks cool or is super flashy to use does not always make it the most effective. Sometimes, good ol’ fashion iron sights are the best way to go.
  7. Practice your knife or melee skills. I cannot tell you how often using knifing skills comes in clutch when playing PVP (Player versus Player). I recommend binding your knifing or melee key to a key or button on your controller or mouse that allows you to react with lightning speed. Then get up nice and close, and give those players a nice little death poke!
  8. Invest in some decent gaming equipment. Now, this does not mean investing in the top end gaming keyboard and mouse, but it’s ok to spend a little money to get a nice layout that you are comfortable with. Amazon has some awesome selections of good controllers and mouse and keyboard setups for relatively cheap prices. Personally, for my pc I use a Redragon keyboard with a logitech mouse. It works really well, and I know the setup quite well. You would be amazed in how much your gameplay improves when you have a nice little setup. 
  9. Study game maps. This can take a little bit of time, but it pays to study and learn maps. This gives you a massive advantage during a game, as you know where the great spots for sniping are, or where good choke points to set up a machine gun nest are. 
  10. Type GG after every game. Ok, this isn’t an FPS specific tip, but good sportsmanship is part of the game. But I promise your teammates and opponents will appreciate it, and you feel better leaving a match even if you lost. This can help in the long run, as you are less likely to get tilted. And getting tilted prevents you from playing your best.

That’s it for some gaming law! Now go out, and frag out!


-The Law

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