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Gaming Law: What’s in a name?

Greetings gamers, I’m back with another article to talk to you about the finer points of gaming! This week, we are going to talk about finding the perfect gamer tag to help inspire fear into your enemies, and give a resounding impact on your team! 

Coming up with a gamer tag can be difficult. There are a lot of factors to decide upon on creating the perfect name. The first thing I recommend is come up with a couple different names. It is perfectly ok to have different names you use for different accounts. My account names that are currently active are The Law, Gentleman Death, Fearnin, Senor Curador, and Plague Doctor. As you game, your name that you use in game will often change to reflect your play style or likes. And it’s completely ok to change your name as well to something more fitting. When I first started playing, I used “Draco” for everything, based off of my favorite Harry Potter character. But as I got older, I molded my tag to fit more around my play style and allow it to become a part of my identity online. That being said, I recommend having an overall name that you can use in common reference to yourself. So while you may have several different names you use on different accounts, there is one name that you either use the most or like the most that you can refer to yourself as in game. For me, I use “The Law” as my baseline tag, and it is one I have used for many years.

The second part to coming up with a name is have it surround something that you or a character that you like from some form of media. While I would absolutely love to claim that I was original with “The Law,” I actually got that tag from an awesome web series called “Video Game High School.” In the series, The Law is the main antagonist, and when I was younger, I really liked that tag, so I decided to use it. And I’m here to tell you that using the name of a character you like is completely ok. There are plenty of tags that I have seen that emulate a character or person that they like. I have a discord friend who calls herself “Tina Zaryanova,” after the Overwatch character “Zarya.” Your name can also be an aspect about yourself or a trait to your game style. I use Plague Doctor for when I am playing a support role as a damage dealer. Gentleman Death was a moniquer I received after going on a killstreak in Call of Duty, while remaining very polite and being a good sport. The other aspect you can use is part of your name I know several people that either abbreviate their name, or use some part of it in their tag. The choice is yours!

The final part of picking a name is reminding yourself why you chose it. Coming up with a gamer tag is hard, and it should have some meaning. When I took on the name “The Law,” part of it was because I am heavy in the belief of fair gaming, and upholding the rules. So for me, The Law has become a part of who I am. Many times, your name will be one you use for a long time. So make it a representation of you. My brother uses the name “Canis Argent” for everything. The two words in Latin roughly translate into “Silver Wolf”, both aspects that he appreciates it and draws inspiration from. Another friend of mine uses “AnotherDrummerDude,” as he is an avid drummer. So make the name special to you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Keep on fragging, and see you next time for some more Gaming Law!

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