Class of 2020: Shelby Reidle

Majors: History, Heritage and Museum Studies

Minor: German

One of the best parts of studying at Concordia was the relationships I developed with professors and the opportunities I had to present my research. The paper I wrote for my Literary Afterlives course was accepted to the Association of Adaptation Studies conference in Leicester, England. I was able to travel with my wonderful professor Dr. Watkin to the UK in September 2017, which was a phenomenal experience and piqued my interest in academia. Last year I was able to present my senior thesis for history at COSS and the Minnesota Undergraduate History Symposium in the Twin Cities, where I got to meet other students interested in the Cold War era. I was looking forward to presenting my thesis at Montana State University for the 2020 National Conference of Undergraduate Research, which was unfortunately cancelled. Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunities I had to travel and present my scholarship with the support of both Concordia and my professors. I also look back fondly on my opportunities to study away while at Concordia. In May 2018, I studied the German language in Mainz, Germany which allowed me to complete a German minor. Living in a foreign country on my own was a challenging but very rewarding experience and I was able to learn a lot about the language, culture, and history firsthand. I spent last semester in Washington, D.C. where I had the incredible opportunity to intern at the Library of Congress and take classes from established professionals in the capital.

Although I only was a part of the debate team for one year, the friendships I formed through college forensics lasted throughout my four years of undergrad. My debate partner, Skye Spindler, and I enjoyed regional success our freshman year, as demonstrated by the picture of our 1st place place from the Bear Shock tournament. Jane Nolan is also a friend I made through debate; she and I bonded over our shared home state of Montana. I attended her graduation this past spring. Lastly, I developed a friendship with Grace Weber through our participation on leadership council for forensics. She was a wonderful roommate and continues to be a great, supportive friend that I have been fortunate to experience milestones, such as Ring Day, with.

Reidle and Colleen Egan at COSS.
The Reidle family at Mount Vernon.
Reidle and friend Grace at Ring Day.
Reidle and Jane Nolan at Nolan’s graduation.
Reidle and debate partner Skye Spindler.
Reidle on the first day of junior year.
Reidle in London.

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