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Student Government Association shares 2023-24 platform goals 

MOORHEAD — Student Government Association (SGA) will discuss new plans focused on interconnectedness and accountability for the school year at upcoming Senate meetings, the first of which takes place at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 7 in the Integrated Science Center. 

Concordia’s 2023-2024 school year is officially underway, and as everyone starts getting back into the swing of things, one organization is hitting the ground running. SGA has created several platform goals for the upcoming year. 

The organization led by President Jesus Gonzalez and Vice President Anna Kronbeck, has created a plan for the current school year which focuses on interconnectedness and accountability. 

Jesus Gonzalez Ruiz and Anna Kronbeck. | Jacob Schoenborn


The two main focuses of the plan are meant to create stronger connections between SGA and Concordia’s student body. The plan also outlines communicating more of SGA’s work with students and hearing from students about what feedback or issues need to be voiced on campus.  

The current plan is also centered around five core goals meant to interact with and support the Concordia community.  

Three of the five goals are to improve inclusion, foster support for and between student leaders and create connections with the Fargo-Moorhead community. These goals are a part of the plans focus on interconnectedness. On the accountability side, the two core goals are self-accountability and campus-wide accountability. 

The five objectives are detailed in a plan with four different sections, the first of which outlines the main aims and objectives of the five core goals and what their focus will be. The other three sections break down different ways these goals can be implemented.  

Section two is dedicated to potential events, activities and initiatives around Concordia where the five goals can be implemented. Events such as volunteer work and collaborations between different clubs on campus are meant to foster support between students as well as give back to the surrounding community. 

Section three brainstorms potential partners on and off campus that can help SGA carry out their goals. This includes clubs and groups at Concordia as well as organizations in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  

Section four is about potential internal workers and how SGA can promote their agenda from inside the organization. The section considers roles within Student Government and how the students who hold those roles can foster inclusion and activity.  

The current plan is some of the “platform goals and projects that may be initiated this year,” Kronbeck said, and a formalized agenda with more specifics is still being developed. 

The current plan will be discussed at SGA’s upcoming Senate meetings. SGA’s first meeting of the year is Thursday, September 7th, where the topic and goals of the plan will be introduced.  

The plan will be discussed at SGA’s upcoming senate meetings on Sept. 7 and 21, Kronbeck said. 

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