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Meet the Concordia football team

Cooper Mattern.
Contributed/Concordia College

Cooper Mattern

What’s a perfect day look like for you?
“Being able to wake up and play a game. And then hang out with the guys after and just see my family and friends after the game.” “If I could play a game every day I would.”

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?
“Subway. I’m a big Subway guy.”

What’s your Subway order?

“Italian herbs and cheese foot- long, with sweet onion chicken teriyaki is what I pretty much always get

Owen Miller

Owen Miller.
Contributed/Concordia College

What is a dream job of yours?

“Honestly, I would like to own a sneaker store. I have a lot of shoes. That’s kind of like my thing. I buy a lot of them. I’ve tried to sell them too, but that gets to be really hard and really expensive. So yeah, my dream job would be if I could just run a cool sneaker store. Make money doing that and have a bunch of cool shoes. That’d be awesome.”

Who’s been a role model of yours?

“It’s hard to pick just one. I would like to say my brother. He kind of led the way for a lot of the things that I’m, you know, able to do. Growing up he was the football player before I was. He came here and has always been dedicated to being a good student and being a good football player. He always helps me see different sides of things, and have perspective on some things maybe I don’t quite understand. He’s a few years older, so he has a little bit more ex- perience. Yeah, I would say my brother is definitely someone that I look up to.”

Top 3 cereals?

“Definitely Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s Puffs and Honeycomb.”

Dawson Schaffer.
Contributed/Concordia College

Dawson Schaffer

Which team do you like playing the most and the least?
“The most would definitely be St. John’s. We actually play them this week. I mean a rivalry game to us and to them. I mean, they’re kind of the top dogs at this point like everyone wants to beat them. So, of course, I want to play the best and we want to beat the best So that’s definitely my most looked forward to game For the least favorite game I don’t even know if I have one. I mean, every week is fun to play,
so, as long as we’re playing a game, I don’t really mind.”

What’s the nerdiest thing you do in your free time?

“I mean, I try to learn to dance or sing, so that might be a little nerdy, I don’t know. Um, doesn’t say, not saying it looks the best, but we’re getting there, so. Just to get rhythm, you know? For football, you need rhythm.”

What’s the stupidest or craziest thing you’ve ever done?

“I don’t know if it’s crazy, but me and my buddy We uh, we had a little keyboard, piano keyboard, and we like plugged it into my car outside the mall that we just played.”

Ty Moser. Contributed/Concordia College

Ty Moser

What is your major and what are your plans for after college?

“Healthcare leadership with concentrations in healthcare administra- tion and long-term care administration. And long-term plans is being an administrator in a healthcare facility.”

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?
“You Belong With Me… If that one comes on, I’m singing.”

Who’s your role model, hero or mentor?
“You know, a cliche answer is probably my dad. He’s always been a great role model for me. For a better answer, I will say I’ll go our defensive coordinator on the football team, Kyle Bak- ken. He’s just a, he’s a great role model, got a lot of experience under his belt, he’s got a lot of, advice to give. So I trust him a lot.”

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