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Campus Events Commission brings comedian to campus

MOORHEAD — Laughs of students could be heard all through Knutson Campus center as Lily Medved-Charpentier, showcase commissioner for CEC, introduced comedian and viral TikTok star, Ahmed Al-kadri in the Maize on Friday, Jan. 26.  

“He’s so funny and he likes visiting colleges too,” Medved-Charpentier said.  

Al-kadri opened the night talking about the cold Minnesota weather as he said he grew up in Texas and currently lived in Los Angeles.  

“I know cold,” Al-kadri said. “One time in LA it was 50 degrees and I needed a scarf.”  

The crowd erupts in laughs.  

The show continued on as he talks about how he originally wanted to be an accountant. In which he makes jokes about how that wasn’t working out for him.  

CEC discovered Al-kadri at the National Association of Campus Activities conference back in April of last year. The group immediately noticed how funny and enjoyable his show was.  

 “He just won us over there,” Medved-Charpentier said. 

Al-kardri interacted with the crowd throughout the entire show, picking out students to joke with and tell jokes too.  

First-year student Jacob Schlueter enjoyed the show regardless of being the back end of Al-kardri’s jokes about his shoes. Schlueter’s face grew increasingly red as Al-kardri’s jokes continued.  

“I definitely got a little bit nervous every time he looked over at my table but it was fun,” Schlueter said.  

Al-kardri, though making many jokes throughout the night, talks a lot about his culture.  

Al-kardri is Yemeni-American, and he talks a lot about his experiences and shares stories from his past. 

While he cracks jokes about Concordia’s Kernel Cobb mascot and Minnesota nice, his jokes have a social justice undertone talking about race, gender and sexuality.  

“He does a lot of crowd work,” Medved-Charpentier said.  

Engagement with the crowd was something that students enjoyed, even taking time during his show to Facetime a student’s mom who was a fan of Al Kardri.  

When asked if he would come again to another CEC comedian showcase, Schlueter said yes 100% he would.  

“We don’t bring a lot of comedians to campus, people really wanted that aspect,” Medved-Charpentier said.  

“Lily bring me back every year,” Al-kadri said as he was ending his show.  

As he ends he offers to take pictures with students and has merchandise sales including sweatshirts, t-shirts and stickers.  

Students can look forward to a lot of upcoming events put on by the CEC such as Battle of Bands and Cornstock.  

“Continue to come to CEC events in the future because we have big hopes for the rest of the semester,” Medved-Charpentier said. 

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