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Potter Proud

Hey kids, this is Katelyn, your neighborhood fabulous person who also happens to love all things Harry Potter. No joke. If there were a Harry Potters Anonymous, I would be all up in it. In fact, I secretly make comparisons between almost everyone I meet and who they would be in the Harry Potter universe. It is a wonderful affliction I would rather not live without. In all reality, I think all of us should take a page out of J.K. Rowling’s tomes of awesome (as I like to call the Harry Potter series).

5) Harry is not revenge driven. I have encountered people who are like, “blah I do not like Harry Potter because he is simply out for revenge, Voldemort killed his parents but in all reality Harry should be gentle to little Voldy and let him live in his own destruction.”

To them I say with gusto that they are wrong, for the simple reason that it is not only Harry’s life being affected. Rowling writes the story most often from Harry’s perspective, while from a neutral perspective at the beginning of book six, you read about bridges being torn apart in the muggle world, which I think justifies the second wizarding war. Harry reacts to the horror that is attacking his friends, family, and the people of his (and our) world.

4) The kid beat a guy who was supposed to be magically superior to him in every way, and Harry beat him as a baby. When I was a baby, I was awful focused on things that were not beating middle-aged wizards in a battle for the world— like holding my head up and chewing food.

3) Harry does not let being awesome interfere with his life. When people walk around practically bowing to you when you are eleven, calling you the chosen one, it is easy to forget that you used to live in a cupboard beneath the stairs. He had the same best friends from the time he was eleven through his adulthood, regardless of the social pariahs they seemed to be: a know-it-all snarky girl and a boy from a socially rejected family. Both journey with Harry, a boy who has to live up to his own name when people keep telling him he can’t. They form their own little motley crew of wonderful.

2) He is a genuine person who values human life. In the seventh book Harry saves Draco from the fire that was about to envelop the Room of Requirement. He and Draco were hardly besties. He saves Dudley from the Dementors who try to steal his soul; he strives to give most people the benefit of the doubt. I think it is fantastic, and I think more people need to take that lesson of faith in humanity that Harry seems to have ingrained in his person.

1) He is a freaking wizard! I am not saying we should all walk around screaming ACCIO ANSWERS, as that would be incredibly silly, but I think we should be really focused on seeing the magic in the world and not be scared to be called weird or not liked by other people because we are not like someone else. I have read Harry Potter since I was around 10, and I lived in the book. I honestly would jump into that book in a heartbeat. Yet our world is magical in a different sense, so go out and enjoy it. Maybe pick up a stick and pretend you’re a wizard for a bit. I know you want to.

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