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When it’s below zero outside and you’re tracking through a foot of snow, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate life. I’ve got a list of some fabulous things to keep you toasty through the rest of the winter months regardless of the temp outside.

Man Beards – Forget clean-shaven. This year, guys are workin the no-shave November all winter long and it’s surprisingly sexy. The man beard works with any hair length and is slowly being more and more appreciated by females or at least this one. According to a study conducted by, women are more attracted to men with facial hair than without. Fifty-four per cent of women polled said they preferred a man with facial hair. Only one in three said that they preferred a clean-shaven look, while the remaining 14 per cent didn’t mind. All the hot celebs are doing it too. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, David Beckham. Do I even need to keep listing? It’s the scruffy, I don’t shower look that really gets me though. Boys who have lots of money also add to the attractiveness level. Am I right or am I right?

Sassy, Funny, Unapologetic Women – Chelsea Handler to be precise. She’s bold, sometimes offensive, but nonetheless entertaining. Here’s a quote from her that explains her sense of humor entirely: “I’m pretty clear about what I’m willing to say and the lengths I’m willing to go, and I think it’s important to be politically INcorrect. You don’t want to be nasty, and you don’t want to be malicious. But it’s OKAY—I mean, funny trumps everything in my mind.” True that, Chels.

Etsy – This is probably the greatest place to find unique gifts online that don’t have to cost a ton. The stuff they have on this site is out-of-control. I’m talking teacup rings, pop-tart earrings, cutely knitted hats, etc… It’s essentially crafty people making cool looking stuff and then selling it online for close to nothing. It’s like a supercharged craft show. So support the almost extinct crafting community by shopping on Etsy. What is my Etsy user name you ask? Sassycraftybabe. Be jealous.

Our Custodians and Concordia Campus Staff – I am constantly amazed to see how neat and clean our campus is despite the frigid temperatures outside. After living off-campus for the first time, I’ve realized keeping a house clean isn’t as easy as I thought. My roommates can hardly change the empty toilet paper roll in our bathroom and I hate shoveling snow more than anything. Getting on campus is like a breath of fresh air with all the fancy vacuumed carpets and clean toilets. So next time you see a Concordia staff member making our campus look great, make sure to thank them for all their hard work. It’s nice to feel appreciated for a job well done.

Ordering Pizza Online- I’m not a big fan of everything going cyber but pizza ordering online is fantastic. Not only can you find pretty good deals on pizza and apps, you can place your order, type in your credit card number, and watch it track your order all within 5 minutes. Pizza ordering, along with arranging medical appointments, is so annoying to do on the phone. This sweet invention allows us to never have to speak with a human person ever again. How great is that?

So find something that makes you happy. Even on the most overcast of days, the ones where even the air temperature is -20, there are beautiful things to be found.

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