It’s officially that time of year again: sunrise isn’t until after 7:00, and it’s just going to get later. It’s cold out. We’re only halfway to halfway through the semester, and sometimes it’s difficult to wake up happy.

In the wider world, this is true too. The daily news serves as a reminder that no action is without repercussions. Even in class, it’s easy to learn about problems in developing countries— not to mention our own— and think that there could not possibly be a solution. And we develop a skin: we either take it all in and despair, or close it all out and become indifferent.

Luckily, an incredibly simple thing can break through that skin: humor. Most of us laugh a little everyday— but it could be more. If we could only find humor in the mundane, perhaps the world would be a little brighter in general.

Here’s a joke: what’s orange and limps around on the kitchen floor? A wounded Cheeto.

It’s a start.

Peace homes,

Mary Beenken, Editor-in-Chief


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