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Condom Bingo Raises Awareness

Photo by Riah Roe. The apartment staff for Residence Life used condom bingo to inform students about the sexual misconduct policy as well as responsible sexual behavior.

The residence life staff got creative to raise awareness about Concordia College’s new sexual conduct policy. Students living in the on-campus apartments were invited to attend condom bingo, which took place in the Park Region lounge on Sep. 18.

Senior Tara Wegner was one of the three Residence Life staff members who were responsible for organizing the event.

“The bingo wasn’t focused on the condoms itself; it was an icebreaker for a more serious topic,” Wegner said. “We need to talk about it. The condoms just went along with the theme.”

The bingo cards had answers to the various questions regarding statistics, facts and information. Students would mark their bingo cards with condoms supplied by the staff and could win prizes such as whipped cream, AXE body spray and perfume.

The residence life staff is required to host an event every quarter that focuses on one of the six residence hall learning outcomes. The fourth learning outcome focuses on students gaining independence throughout residential experience. According to the learning outcome, independence can be defined by exhibiting practical life skills and cultivating habits of healthy behavior, including responsible sexual behavior.

Mikal Kenfield, assistant director of Residence Life, was approached with the idea for condom bingo and thought it was appropriate in the context it was presented.

“It’s important to acknowledge that abstinence is always the safest choice,” Kenfield said. “But not all students will choose that. Part of a liberal arts education is to think critically and to form your own opinions. Our job is to present facts and information and then let the students decide.”

The ideas presented during condom bingo followed Concordia’s belief on consent, which is outlined in the policy, and directed attention towards another campus event that dealt with sexual assault.

“It’s a serious topic,” Wegner said. “You can go and read about it and not get a lot out of it; it’s not very fun. But learning while having fun is a good combination.”

Posters were placed throughout the apartments on campus to advertise for condom bingo, and around 20 students showed up to play. Some of the students were surprised, some were interested and some didn’t care.

Krista Milne, a junior who lives in the Boe-Olsen Apartments saw one of the posters and thought it was a great idea.

“I saw a poster and thought hell, yeah,” Milne said.

She also won the whipped cream.

“It’s not promoting sex,” Milne said. “It’s trying to keep people informed. To be safe about it.”

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