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Secrets of the stage

Once a week, I talk to you guys about fun things, or fabulous things, but this week I am going to talk to you about secret things. Things that most students on campus do not know or have had the opportunity to know. I am TA for the theatre. Technical Assistant.

“For what?” you ask.

Why, hair, makeup and costumes! Essentially, I put my summer doing bridal hair and makeup and apply it to… Grease?  Yeah, I was confused too. But let’s get back on track. I would love to share with you the secrets that are the underbelly of the theatre, the Costume Shop and all things backstage.

Where is the Costume Shop? This is the most common question I hear, and it is a very easy one to answer. If you have ever walked past the back of the theatre, on your way to Hoyum or Livedalen you have probably walked by a door that says Stage Door on the side. Go in there and down. Down to the depths. That is where you will find me and the other little costume pros and makeup mavens. We love each other and can never get enough of our job.

Down the hallway you have the wardrobe. It feels small; the first time I went in, I thought it was about 13 x 20 feet, but in reality, it is nearly three times that big. Full of dresses, pants, slacks, shoes, hats, jackets, shirts and everything your little heart could imagine or see a person wearing. It is a labyrinth of fashion. From the 18th century to futuristic aliens, you can see it all.

Going the opposite direction, you can see the dressing rooms, the “rooms of requirement,” if you will. Come show time, these rooms are a host of many things. Men, women, sicknesses, smells, clothes, makeup and some of the loudest humans you will ever meet, myself included. They are cement magic makers and mirrored people pleasers, and it is the room in which no forgiveness is given or taken without due necessity. There is hardly ever a calm moment in there.

This is the place where I spend every moment, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., of every day between classes, each night during tech week, and during production. I gripe and I whine, but I love it. Hidden secrets and all.

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