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No Movember blues

The month of November holds many things for many people. It can be the 11th month of the year, Guy Fawkes’ month, Dia de los Muertos, Alzheimer’s disease month, COPD awareness month, and for some it is the month that facial hygiene is neglected entirely. I am sure most of you understand what I am talking about. No-Shave November, or Movember. No-Shave November is when men have a justified excuse to let their facial hair, be it sparse or bushy, blonde or red, grow to the fullest extent it can. Some men do this to be charitable which is how Movember began. In Moustache-November, men would grow specifically shaped moustaches with money being donated for their facial hair and then donate the money to the research of male cancers.

Now, I have heard some ladies produce shrieks of confusion or even a “Good god, What is that THING?!” but to be honest, my only response to them is: stop. Usually I would be a little more colorful, but I’m in print. I don’t understand why any woman gets to be all mad about her significant other’s facial hair. He does not get on you about wearing leggings for pants, for not shaving your legs every day, for wearing belts over shirts or anything you ever do to make you look like you. He gets one month, just one month, to be whoever he wants to be, even if it’s growing his facial hair in lightning bolts or in a picture of a tiny squirrel if he so chooses. Ladies, I do not care about your beard burn. I do not care about your parents meeting your bearded man. Calm down.

A fantastic point about Movember is that it actually has benefits and rules. For cute, right? Movember has a website that you can register as an official Mo Bro and have people donate a certain amount of money to men’s issues such as prostate cancer or depression. Another fun aspect of Movember is the fact that women can get involved as Mo Sisters who will support them and help raise that money!

Would you like to support some local Mo Bros? Joe Dlugos and Brady Hubbard are both registered Mo Bros.In short, I think that No-Shave November/ Movember should be supported; the success of our Mo Brothers is fantastic and ad-mo-rable.

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