Six-word memoirs

In our November 11th issue, The Concordian asked the Concordian community to submit their own six-word memoirs in response to the story, Students write life stories in six words or less. Here’s what some of you had to say:

I’ll come out when I’m ready – Justin Bertram

Found soulmate.  Car accident.  Age 20. – Erika Suter

Born to be different, found acceptance. – Niki Wagner

Fly me away inside a peach. – Matt Barrett

14 moves.  4 transfers.  Concordia: home. – Katelyn Henagin

Live and experience joy and melancholy. – Malyn Kuntz

Not everything is over the rainbow. – Beth Gordon

We live only for a moment. – Evan Marsolek

Sometimes, my heart overflows with love. – Theresa Munson

Having fun thinking about my life. – Eddie O’Byrn

I don’t know my life yet. – Christiana Hennings

Worship isn’t just songs; it’s life. – Hope Brown

I see you as more beautiful. – Jordan Lyseng

I worry I’ll get left behind. – Jennifer Bennington

The streets is hard, get money. – Jared Hernandez

Ate pie. Took nap.  Was happy. – Charles Rerick

Everything is better when you dance. – Meagan LeMay

Remember: You’re not the only one. – Courtney Gavner-White

Sometimes it’s okay to be AWKWARD. – Ellie Michaelis

You win some, you lose lots. – Stephen Fink

Too old before I was young. – Allie Bondy

I always cry on my birthday. – Braden Carkhuff

Always reminded people are basically good. – Erik Walker

Depressed, but it won’t last forever. – Kirsten Dorn

Graduate in five months.  Then what? – Rachel Torgerson

It was just closet after closet… – Steven Edwards

Hometown floats.  College town floats.  Awesome. – Britt Aasmundstad

I burn with disaster and hope. – Malyn Kuntz

I’ve got writer’s block.  What’s new? – Brianna Vorce

I am Paul I like cats. – Paul Flessland

I like music very, very much. – Derek Steinke

Simply born to be the best! – Mitchell Boser

Is school done? I want Christmas! – Heather Hurner

Great moments arise from great opportunity. – Allie Klug

More people should watch Star Trek! – Kari Mehr

I will be something big someday! – Cristy Dougherty

Love is in you.  Show it. – Sarah Johnson.

Singing in the light to People. – Allyssa Mattson

Music major in.  English major out. – Mary Beenken

Suicide girl hidden as a professional. – Riah Roe

I am really completely not creative. – Alex Jorgenson

Strength is more than just muscle. – Malyn Kuntz

Rwanda. Now Know what wealth is. – Steph Barnhart.

Harry Potter is my greatest hero!  – Ellie Michaelis

Not enough hours in the Day. – A.K. Eckberg

Histology. The bane of my existence. – Nathaniel Cook

Stillbirth: Grief. Anger. Acceptance. Peace. Hope… – Cynthia Hershberger


Thank you!

The Concordian staff

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