A merry Cobber Christmas

So Cobbers, it is Christmas break. Many of you are like “what do I get my parents… what do I get anyone!?” Do you just go to the bookstore and get some heartfelt Cobber gear and charge it to tuition? Do you lie and say you forgot your gift in your room and then buy them something on sale? Do you get creative? Do you stay traditional? Have I got an answer for you! Here are a few gifts I have gotten or my friends have gotten and they have been so kind as to share them with me.

A letter. My cousin who lives is Massachusetts gave me an awesome letter that was the size of a small novel, or novella if you wish. This letter was very 500 Days of Summer-esque, or Elizabethtown-ish. It had a CD and several Youtube links written out in her beautiful hand describing her life and her days living out east with her husband, a marine. Her letter was like a stumbleupon versus pinterest clash of pictures of things she wanted to do with her house. It contained words of wisdom she has learned in her life. Along the same lines, a really good friend of mine got from her sister a compilation of the letters they passed between each other as children. It contained such gems as: “I hope mom does not make us move into another house, I like sharing my room with you… and I don’t want her to see that we colored the walls of the closet with sharpies,” and “Whenever you pretend like you’re dancing you look like Mariah Carey, that is not safe.”

I think a really detailed letter could be a fantastic gift for anyone who lives farther away from you or is really close to you. Furthermore, the endless opportunities for snark and sarcasm you would have are fantastic.

A DVD. No, not of an actual movie but of famous moments in your life. One of my friends received a DVD of moments on television that they watched together or experienced at the same time. like Topanga actually asking out Cory. Or the first Feeny yell. These were thing that they had to have watched at the same time, but not actually together because they were not friends yet. Then the movie shifted into videoed memories of them having fun at Six Flags and other such beauties.

A lost and found raid gift. Yes, I know more than one person, myself included, who has been blessed/cursed with a lost and found raid gift. It is simple: you find the closest lost and found with an open table (this usually happens every couple months or so) and find things. Things of no purpose, things that you can wash or things that they actually lost. And you give them to that person. Mittens and hats aside, some ringers that have been found include a pocket dictionary, a fresh moleskine notebook, a purple pen and some really cool socks. It may be morally wrong but it is still a great story, and at least you’re not technically re-gifting. Bonus points if you’ve reunited them with something they lost.

Have at it, my Cobbers. Find, buy, write and send your gifts. Send them to a land far, far away. Where only the people who will appreciate them will get them.

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