Savor the season

Whether it’s Christmas carols, well-known advertisements, or time-honored grumblings about losing the “reason for the season,” December is a time of refrains. Here’s just one to think about: “It’s a busy time of year.”

In almost every corner of Western society, December tends to wind up as the time when everyone scrambles to finish pent-up tasks that accumulate as the year races to the finish line. And it usually feels like we’re racing too.

The end of the semester for students is no different, but this year December seems to be lacking a regular fixture that we Moorhead-dwellers may have come to expect: snow. And oddly, our long waiting period for the advent of the snow may be a way to remind ourselves to slow down. Could it be that the unusually long waiting period is a sign that we should savor the dry streets and mornings without shoveling while we can?

And maybe this metaphor could be extended into other areas of life. After all, these are the last few days that we’ll have to enjoy 2011. Perhaps we should try to stop to appreciate the endings in store as well.

In all likelihood, the lack of snow is just a meterolocial anomaly. Still, it’s nice to think that it was meant to be a message from upstairs that we should chill and enjoy our world around us. Savor it, and have a wonderful break!

Peace homes,

Mary Beenken, Editor-in-Chief


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