A Cobber sunrise

Yes. I have talked about working my desk, and I always refer to it as “my” desk. Know why? I am the 3:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. desk creature. I work four “breaking dawn” shifts a week between Park Region and Livedalen hall. Oh, calm down, I can practically hear the maternal you gasping. I’m over it. You can sleep when you are dead. Seriously. Anything over six hours a night is silly. I love being dedicated to where I work, and I have more fun on my shifts than you think I would. For some reason, when 5:30 hits me, and I realize how lucky I am to see the gems that very few people see ever. Hopefully, if you are ever awake at this time, you come on down and give a friendly wave to your 3 – 6 worker and admire them for their fearlessness like those few, those awesome, those dedicated morning work-outers.

I walk back to Brown after my shift, and I see these people trudging, nay, valiantly gliding through the snow, rain and icy silliness that is a Moorhead morning. I work out alone in the Park Region basement, so when I see these individuals, I want to shake their hand, cheer and offer them a beautifully branded cup of Gatorade. Every morning I see students like Danielle Knoll and Amber Pospisil heading off to YMCA with a sense of duty and purpose that I have a hard time fathoming at 5:30.

Every morning at 4:28 and 5:06 the loveliest of people walk through the door: the people that maintain our buildings. These people let me justify not wearing shower shoes by cleaning every dorm and building on campus. They come in and wish me a good morning, are ridiculously chipper and offer weather tips and little known secrets of Concordia.

Ever wonder where our newspapers come from? Yeah, I never did either. That is, until I was brought to the land of the living by a nice man tapping a pen against a door, trying to get inside so he could give us the latest news in print. While ‘the Forum guy’ surely has a name, I know him only as The Forum Guy, the man I radio in to Knutson Campus Center.

Other than these gems, there are a few little ones that I will never let go. No one will tell me to turn down my volume when I am watching Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and what have you. I can snack without remorse on Doritos, ravioli, and Dr. Pepper. I can watch all the cat videos I want on YouTube. Let me tell you, nothing makes me happier than someone tickling a kitten and it proceeding to raise its tiny paws in the air. Might as well be paid to watch a sunrise at the same time.

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