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Hair today, gone tomorrow

I am a scissorholic. I am a curling iron user, a flat iron lover, a hairspray buyer and a pomade/mousse/wax aficionado. I have had every hair cut imaginable. I remember every single one, and here I am to tell you about it and the loveliness that is my ginger mane cropped cut. From bobs to manes, bowl to cropped, I have done it all.

It all started with straight across bangs as a child. My mom thought it was endearing until I took a cuticle scissors to them and left a scalloped fringe across the high plain of my forehead. Great. I mean, what mother doesn’t want their child starting kindergarten with a bald spot along the entire front of her hairline? Let me tell you what though, I never ceased to come up with hilarious stories to tell my friends about why I had a bald spot. From that I moved onto the longest ginger tresses ever. I looked like a mermaid. I could sit on my hair. That lasted until about fifth grade, when I requested a bob so short it looked like a bowl cut. My lifelong dream to be a Beatle was achieved, huzzah! That was near the end of elementary school. Funnily enough, I was built similarly and had similarly colored hair as a boy in my class, and then after that hair cut people were calling me his name until my hair grew a couple of inches.

Middle school. Oh, you guys. Middle school was probably not kind to you, but it was outright mean to me, so quit whining. Amidst the poorly fitting Old Navy cap sleeve tees and the L.E.I jeans that never seemed to fit my non-junior-high figure, I had fantastically depressing hair. My hair was shoulder-length, center-parted grossness. In true Katelyn fashion, if it would not do what I wanted, it was contained. So I wore it in a ponytail so shellacked with hairspray that one time, my friend Mitchell knocked on it and it made noise. Cute, huh? Welcome to grades 6-8.

After that I basically gave up on caring. My first “risky” cut had side bangs and a Nicole Ritchie feel. And then a bob! I cut off 8 inches to donate to Locks of Love. I grew it out again, then chopped off 10 again freshman year of college. My hair grows an inch a month. Want to know what that means? I do not give a flying monkey hat about what I do with my hair. Most recently I chopped it off into a crew cut with sassy pieces. I think every girl should have a short cut at some point. It forces you to hide less. And for the five guys who read my article, yes, women hide behind their hair. Having something new even if it is simply hair is fun!

So go forth and be a scissorholic, get a fauxhawk, get a bob, get bangs, or get whatever. Let it express you.

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