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In which we ask the intrepid Concordian staff what they think of Concordia’s current parking situation:


“Concordia’s parking is silly. There really is no other word for it. We do not have enough spots, and then over night hours end at 2 am? I do not understand. I think either paid parking passes, elimination of freshman cars (not in a discriminatory way – many schools have this policy) or parking ramps.” –Katelyn Henagin


“I suggest moving to a tiered parking system, where every individual pays (a minimum amount) for an ensured parking space. It would work like the housing lottery: seniors have first selection and can chose to pay the top price for the top spots closest to their preferred lot, and we’d work down the ladder from there. At many of our cousin schools, underclassman don’t have a choice, and are often told to leave their cars at home or park in the farthest lots. I’d say we’ve got it pretty lucky for now, but if we want to eliminate the mess of having to park on the streets when classes are in session, perhaps assigned parking for a price would work.” –Stephanie Barnhart


“The more parking inconveniences the merrier!  If this campus wants to take sustainability seriously, changing behaviors like unnecessarily and frequently driving a vehicle is a superb place to start.” –Matt Hansen


“Parking really depends on where you’re at and what you’re trying to do. Some lots have multiple spots available, others you can’t move your car until the weekend without worrying someone will take it. I think a long-term solution is needed, either changing the free parking option or getting an actual garage or more lot space.” –James Vair

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