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Go East, young man!

So, my dearest Cobber children, I feel like on this day there is something that must be said. I live in East complex. I know, I know, there’s a certain stigma, but unless you live there, I do not think you understand the glory of the building. I recently left Brown hall, which in my opinion is a really confusing building. I more or less only loved Brown for its quirkiness (similar to a manic, pixie, hipster girl), but after a while, even the most loved quirky thing can make you want to punch a light post. The differences between Brown and Hallett are vast– vast enough for me to describe to you in this article. I would also like to debunk the idea that anyone who does not live there is not welcome; we certainly are not going to beat up a music student, nor is anyone going to get mad about you not being athletic. I mean bro, seriously the last time I ran was when Nutella was at Energy.

I would love to let you think we are always bonding, and singing kumbaya, but that would be straight-up lying to you. I think East complex has a very independent nature, one that encourages you to go out and do something– to make friends with people beyond your floor. How can’t you when you have to walk a block to get anywhere anyway? I love that people have no problem leaving East to go hang out with someone. I feel like people are really friendly and have very close relationships, but I do not see the atmosphere of people being debilitatingly attached. This may be because it seems like quite a few upperclassmen live there and have a different lease on life than in other dorms where it is primarily freshmen that are very intent on having close relationships with everyone nearby. They want to go beyond where they live and connect with people who have similar interests, rather than similar locations.

The fact that Hallett and Erickson are two different dorms also has to do with this, since the dorms are connected, and rather than bonding with only 250 students, you have 500 to choose from. There are also the friends you make when you leave at 10:15 for your 10:30 class, the people who eat dinner that same time as you and the people who are leaving the library at midnight just like you who have to make the same trek you do. Bonding is inevitable on that walk.

The crazy tree is nearby and super fantastic to take pictures on or close by, and the dorms are close to the Jake, the other fields and the business school. A pick up game of soccer, football or an impromptu photo shoot is never out of the question. We also have a huge parking lot. Huge. Unlike parking on the west side, which is a joke to begin with, you will almost always find a spot.

Lastly, I love East because, while I moved in randomly a short while ago, I have not been ignored or left out. I was welcomed with open arms which is just fantastic. So never fear: East is not that scary. No one there is mad about you visiting if you’re from Livedalen or Hoyum, and we would love for you to visit.

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