Adios, Amigos

It’s been fun. We are glad to have known you and we wish you all the best.
Somehow we know that no goodbye can say what needs to be said, how just a few words can tell what a heart feels. You’re unable to completely close one door and only willing to crack open another, but in the end, we all will graduate and say goodbye to the Concordia community and our close friends that we have made. We are not meant to be here forever, but the memories you created here at Concordia shall always be engraved in your heart no matter where you go.

Although graduation is an exciting moment for most people, it also means that people are going to be separated after a long time of bonding and creating emotional ties. Just like when you left home and high school friends for college, your graduation means people are going to miss you. The only hope is that we will finally have a reunion, bump into each other at some random place or keep on creeping on each other’s Facebook walls to see what each of us is up to.

Goodbye is such a simple word, yet it is usually associated with heartbreak. It means we are going to miss all those awesome moments we spent eating in DS. It means saying goodbye to fun Thursday nights spent at Mick’s Office (aka Cobber Bar) and the OB or wonderful Monday nights spent in worship at The Remedy and Chapel. How about those moments you invited us to your apartments to have homemade meals and just hang out to have fun. Most importantly, the mentor role you played. Whether you acknowledge it or not, as a senior you somehow created bonds and played a mentor role to a junior, sophomore or freshmen and you will be missed for that. However, it’s time for us to say, “Adios amigos.”

Some members of the older generation have accused our age group of being apathetic to the world around us—perpetually engulfed in social media and selfish thought. Make it your mission to prove them shortsighted. As a Concordia graduate, you are one of the best and brightest students in the world. Prove that you are worthy of that title. Challenge what is on the surface and dig deeper while thinking about life (especially politics). Take the time to consider the concept of the Tragedy of the Commons, which states that individually logical decisions can add up to a final outcome that is negative for all parties involved. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Google it—it takes seconds.

Finally, congratulations for maneuvering the four years of rigorous academic work, which is a great achievement. Remember to wear your Cobber ring during job interviews! We wish you the best in all your endeavors. We hope that Concordia was able to equip you with all the tools to BREW. We just say, “Hasta la vista Amigos”

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