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During an election year, one can’t help but be bombarded by politics. Whether you’re watching the news, surfing the web, reading the paper or listening to the radio, politics will intrude on your daily life. This year’s presidential race lends extra urgency to our political system. Because this election is so important in numerous ways, it is critical that we make an informed decision when we vote.

I make no secret that I am a conservative Republican, and I believe that over the last couple of months, my party’s beliefs have been distorted and misrepresented in the media. Talking to my generation, I’ve heard that the Republican Party stands against women, minorities, and the poor, and that the party exists exclusively to give our tax dollars to the one percent. I’m sad to say that even fellow Cobbers sometimes articulate these ideas.

I’m writing to set the record straight, and I believe that the best way to do that is to write a small platform of ideas and beliefs that the Republican Party actually stands for. I recognize that not all Republicans will completely agree with me, since we are a party of diverse people and viewpoints. I do believe, however, that a strong majority of my party would endorse what I’m about to write.

In regards to the economy, the Republican Party believes that government should stay out of the private market as much as possible. We believe that the market, not the federal government, holds the key to economic prosperity.

The Republican Party believes that you as a human being are capable of making your own decisions and running your own life, and that the federal government should be restricted to the powers granted it in the Constitution. Finally, we believe that a dollar goes farther in your pocket than in Washington, and that the answer to future budgets isn’t more taxes but less government spending.

In regards to education, the Republican Party believes that states should be in charge, and that the Federal Government should not be involved (as it used to be). We believe that parents should be allowed to send their kids to the school of their choice, and that vouchers should be made available to parents who can’t afford the school that they choose. In this way, every child, no matter where they live or how much money their parents make, will have a chance to receive a good education.

In regards to energy, the Republican Party adopts an “all of the above” approach. What this means is that we are in favor of using both fossil fuels and alternative energies such as wind, solar, nuclear, electricity, hydrogen and thermal.

We recognize, however, that there is no viable alternative energy that can completely replace oil and coal right now, and that it could be years or even decades until one is available. Until that time, we believe that the United States should increase domestic oil, gas and coal production in order to reduce our reliance on foreign energies. We believe that a strategy of drill now while preparing alternative energies for full use later is the best energy portfolio for America.

Finally, in regards to foreign policy, the Republican Party believes in peace through strength. This means that we must keep our military strong and ready for the next conflict while promoting peace and stability for the world through free market capitalism and stable democratic governments. We recognize, however, that there are nations who are hostile to our interests or our way of life. Because of this, the U.S. military must be ready at all times to defend our nation and to support our allies.

In the conflict with Iran, we stand behind Israel. If Israel decides that its survival demands a preemptive strike, the Republican Party supports their decision to do so.

Furthermore, we oppose an Iranian nuclear weapon, and we support the use of military force to ensure that they don’t get one.

This election is incredibly important and will influence our lives for decades to come. I hope that my small platform has educated you on the beliefs and ideals of the Republican Party. I encourage the Concordia Democrats to write a platform of their own, so that Cobbers can read both sides and make an informed political decision. Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

This letter to the editor was submitted by Mark Besonen, Concordia 2014.

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