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Wearing our hearts on our sleeves

As I observe the current debate on same-sex marriage, two things keep coming to mind: Concordia’s mission and my own marriage. I remember seeing Concordia’s mission statement every day on my way to class—over 10 years ago—but it’s only been relatively recently that I’ve really thought about its meaning and whether my choices are consistent with Concordia’s central tenet. I’ve come to believe that we are all ambassadors of something, and with that role comes the responsibility to represent our beliefs and priorities fully and honestly. We are to influence the world dedicated to the Christian life—that is, dedicated to love, compassion and peace. I believe this means that we are called to nurture real love in all its forms.

I am blessed to have a loving marriage with a wonderful man. I remember my wedding day, and my surprise at the emotion I felt as I said my vows, publicly declaring my commitment to my husband. My marriage has given me more joy than anything else in my life, and I know that I wouldn’t be a good ambassador if I tried to deny any other person the gifts that marriage brings. I urge my fellow Cobbers to think carefully about what whether limiting opportunities for love to flourish by denying marriage is truly the legacy we want to leave.

This letter to the editor was submitted by Anne Yau, a Concordia College graduate in the year 2000.

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