African Student Union: rebranding Africa

As we prepare to graduate from Concordia College, we leave with one mission in mind: to influence the affairs of the world through responsible engagement (to this end I am helped this week with information from Kalkidan Molla). Most African Cobbers have been part of or have seen the political, economic and social injustices that Africans have been through. As a result, African students, through African Student Union (ASU), decided to share the journey of Africans and their future plans with the campus community by hosting a tri-college community event on Nov. 8th, 2012 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Knutson Campus Center in the Centrum.

Last year, ASU had a similar event where it tried to address some common stereotypes that people have about Africa. It was not surprising that a lot of students are still misinformed about the history and reality of Africa. Most people confessed that when they think of Africa, they think of poverty, war and instability. Only a few people know that Africa is the cradle of human race, a place of diversity and ancient civilizations.

This year, ASU decided to continue raising awareness by moving to a bigger venue, the Centrum, compared to Jones A/B last year. Africa is known to be a place of corrupt leaders, a place where democracy is dysfunctional and a place where powerful developed nations still fight for its abundant natural resources. People will be able to understand that Africans suffered from colonization and that it left devastating results; at the same time they will learn what is going on currently and what the future plan is. ASU hopes that through this event, people will be able to understand Africa better from Cobbers who are currently involved in grassroots initiatives in Africa.

The ASU president and the board members are confident that this event will promote vision for the future, a need to move beyond stereotypes in order to build the next chapter in Africa and the need for the rise of a new generation to lead the way. This event will also highlight how young Africans, recent Concordia alumni and current students are involved in rebuilding Africa in various capacities.

This is clear evidence that Concordia College indeed succeeds in fostering the message of responsibility in the world. ASU is known for its involvement in the community and its yearly book drive where they collect and send books to different schools in Africa.

We hope that this event will educate and inspire other Cobbers who may want to be involved in various initiatives that are going on to improve Africa.

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