A personal invite to SMS

By now, I hope you’ve heard about the Social Media Summit happening this weekend. If you haven’t, it’s beginning in the Centrum on Sunday, April 14, at 1 p.m.

Honestly, I’m guessing most of you who are taking the time to read this are already going and already know the value of going. However, we need your help to spread the word.

I could tell you to come because of the grand prize: an iPad mini. I could you tell you that you have to come because of the pita chips and hummus coupled with Starbucks Coffee. I could go on and on about what a great networking opportunity this is, or how big of a deal our keynote speaker really is. I could talk about the live Twitter board that will be displayed throughout all the sessions—something that I don’t think we’ve ever done at a Concordia event.

Yet, these facts are not what I want to focus on. Those things are fun add-ons, but they are not what makes the Social Media Summit cool.

Social media in its many forms is here to stay. It’s not some fad. It’s not just for teens. And it is certainly for much more just than creeping on your friends. Twitter is the central nervous system for all kinds of news. Blogs and microblogging sites record our personal stories in new ways. Businesses connect to their customers and have new ways of listening to feedback and incorporating it in the product life cycle. Global barriers are being torn down as we can connect to our fellow human beings without the limit of location.  Collaboration, communication and connections are entirely new and different than they ever have been. Job hunting and job searching has transformed. Bullying has a new playground. Social justice movements gain momentum in entirely new ways.

With these ideas in mind, and with the knowledge that social media plays out in many areas of life, we planned this event. However, the summit will only be as successful as you make it. We are relying on your ideas, your experiences and your discussion to make the event unique and different from any other. Everyone is an expert in this field. Everyone has something to say. Everyone can teach someone else something new.

Remember, we’re the digital natives who grew up online and have been IMing since 6th grade and Facebooking way before it was cool worldwide.

If the $2 entry fee that goes DIRECTLY to a charity by the way is too much for you, let me know, and I’ll cover it. That’s how much I want you to be there on Sunday and take advantage of this entirely new kind of event.

Questions? Not convinced you should go? Tweet me: @jtleeman.

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