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Making homecoming count


Why homecoming is more than a fun week at school

I love homecoming. I have obvious reasons, but seriously, I love it. Everything about it. The preceding week when everyone rushes through everything to have fun and make their plans; the week you pretty much die because you are so exhausted and excited. And then the week after, when you die again because you can not believe half the stuff you saw or did. Working at the hotel and being the person I am, I have seen every school’s homecoming twice now from the perspective of the actual homecomers. It is pretty great.

Last year there were huge groups of people from Concordia, and I can not even begin to describe how I felt watching these people come back for reunions to see people they have not seen in many, many years. Jokes about ex-girlfriends, old roommates, games, concerts and little quirks about their class. It made me super excited for when we all will one day come back and reminisce. I saw a couple ladies hug and have several drinks, only to tell me at the desk that they were only acquaintances in college and became best friends at the bar. We all change, but I can not wait to see those changes. I have seen people in their near 70s sit in the lobby until 2 a.m., and all I can say is if I do not end up one of those people, I am preemptively ashamed of myself.

At Concordia our homecoming is kind of a big deal. We run things, things do not run us. We are a student-run organization. There is rarely a student who is not on some form of a committee. Heck, sophomore year I sat in the vans from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. to guard the bonfire I love so dearly. Freshman year I was up decorating the place with streamers. I can not wait to come back as my old, surly, sour self to see what the new kids on the block have come up with. I want to see if the sweaters are still holding up.

Every year I learn something new to be thankful for at homecoming; it is like my academic thanksgiving. Freshman year I was overwhelmed by the community, sophomore year I admired the drive. Junior year I admired the alumni I met, recreating the infamous cobber community with people they have not seen in decades. This year I am already humbled by the people I get to hang out with, as well as the crew that is running us around and making videos of me speaking Simlish.

To be honest, homecoming is a once-a-year event I countdown to. I love seeing my friends again, and I love how close we get as a community; so this is me saying: take homecoming in. Breathe it in deep, chug a pumpkin spice latte and hold on to your hats. This year’s gonna be good.

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