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Time to change women’s studies

Give it a major and a new name

Slowly, more and more people are starting to learn the true definition of feminism, a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. Feminism is not about hating men or wanting women to take over the world. It is about gender equality — not sameness — and mutual respect.

Women’s studies is the social scientific field devoted to the study and practice of feminism, and it takes a lot of abuse from people who do not fully understand what it is about. Even here at Concordia we only offer a minor when we have a wonderful program and several students who would love to turn it into a major. In order for women’s studies to stop getting looked down upon and treated like a second-rate field, the name needs to change to gender studies and become a major.

Several schools around the country have already changed the name of the program in order to fully encompass what is taught in the courses involved. Many have introduced it as two separate programs in order to keep all of the courses that teach any form of women’s history. This would be a worthy addition to Concordia’s curriculum because it is becoming more relevant every day.

People who graduate with a degree in this field enter into careers involving education, health and social services, public service, philanthropy, business and media. With new issues in politics surrounding gender, government agencies look for graduates with a background in women’s or gender studies. This degree is helpful for law school, business school, graduate school and even medical school. Concordia students should consider taking at least one women’s studies course during their time here — several of the courses count toward the core curriculum — as this particular social science is becoming more and more beneficial every day.

This letter was written by Kathryn Olson.

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