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Walking in a winter wonderland of possibilities

KellyOpinion1No visibility for miles. Outside the window, the evergreens stand tall, snow resting on their needles. Curled up sipping hot cocoa, I find myself lost in a book, contently enjoying the winter season. With the fire glowing, warmth seeps through my woolen socks, and the smell of gingerbread lingers in the air from the stove. Later on, multiple layers shield me from the cold winds. I lay pressed into the snow, attempting to catch falling snowflakes on my tongue.  Boots dripping, I trek back inside, where I snuggle up and return to the written tales that entertain my mind. Unplugged and content, winter could not seem any more wondrous.

This holiday season I am making the most of our chilly winter weather. Although it may be below freezing, there are positives to having such frigid temperatures. Do not be a scrooge just because Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Bundle up and enjoy the winter season, as it is not going away anytime soon. I have decided to accept winter’s invitation. Have you?

Many moan as they peer into the white abyss that descends from the sky and covers our roads with a blanket of ice. I, however, see multiple opportunities that arise with the change in season. With every snowflake that falls, my excitement grows. Although winter is not my favorite time of year, each season has its advantages, and I make the best of it. What are you looking forward to this winter season? I personally cannot wait to express my inner child and run carelessly through the deep mounds of piled-up snow.

My mittened hands grasp the thermos tightly. Warmth soothes my throat as I drink the spiced liquid. I see my breath briefly, the thermometer reporting below zero temperatures. I bunch the snow tightly in my hand before launching it as I sniffle the snot dripping from my nose. From a distance I see a blue jay, a deer nestled in the snow, and in amusement, I sit watching our co-existence in peace.

Being outside has many benefits. As long as you are properly bundled, countless hours of fun await you. I personally enjoy winter bird watching, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing the most. Snowball fights, building Frosty and leaving snow angels are great fun, too, but as I have grown older I have find these less amusing. These activities are unique to winter, so take advantage of exploring the winter wonderland our region is known best for having. Do not be afraid to try new things either. As someone who has never had excellent motor coordination, I have made it a goal to attempt ice skating this winter. Even though I will embarrass myself considerably, I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone, laughing and learning from my mistakes.

If these sound uninteresting to you, there are countless other ways to take advantage of being “stuck” indoors due to the cold. Curl up and read a book, do a crossword, bake for hours as you try new recipes or take on knitting your own sweater. The possibilities are endless, but all start with a positive outlook and ambition to make the best of the current weather conditions.  Who knows, you might even uncover a hidden talent or discover a new favorite hobby.

In the rush of approaching finals, it is easy to neglect choosing fun activities to refresh our mentally exhausted brains. Remember to enjoy the winter season instead of dreading it. Set the book down every once and awhile and embrace the playfulness instilled inside you. Stay warm, Cobbers, and enjoy the winter that is brought upon us.


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