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Career Center: A resource for life

As many Concordia students already know, the Concordia College Career Center is a useful resource for current students seeking assistance when it comes to finding on-campus and off-campus employment.

The Career Center, located in Academy 101, offers a diverse number workshops throughout the year that assist students with resume writing, interviewing, proper dress for interviews, tips on networking and various job-searching tools that help students take the next step in their professional lives. What many students might not know, however, is that these popular resources are also available to students after they graduate.

“The Career Center offers all the same services to alumni as it does to current students,” said Michael Chambers, Junior and current Student Worker/Social Media Manager for the Career Center.”

Chambers said that alumni can come back to utilize the Career Center services for the rest of their working lives.

“If you graduate and are seeking resume reviews, assistance in career searching, mentoring, and interview prep, you can still contact the Career Center for aid,” Chambers said.

Current senior and music education major Michael Schuldt said that he plans to use the Career center after he graduates.

“Even though I am going to graduate in just a few weeks,” Schuldt said, “I am going to need a job. This summer going to use the Career Center to help me to find work, even if I have to expand beyond Minnesota.”

Senior Rachel Honz has used the career center multiple times to edit and tweak her resumé, which she will use to apply for jobs after graduation. She said that the workers in the Career Center helped her to find her best characteristics for a job search.

“The workers at the Career Center understand the unique experiences of each student,” Honz said. “They really help students highlight those qualities during all parts of a job search.”

Many alumni have done this after graduation and have found success and comfort in knowing it is an option available to them.

Another resource through the Career Center is “CareerLink,” a popular online host for job postings.

CareerLink lists multiple full time, part time jobs and local/national internship postings that students and grads may apply for at will, making the somewhat intimidating process of finding a job a little bit easier for everybody.

The Career Center is a place to go for help, either as a student or as a graduate, and most importantly…it is free. For life.

For more information on the Career Center, CareerLink or workshops available throughout the year you can visit the Career Center’s page at:

The Career Center can also be reached by phone at: (218) 299-3020 or via e-mail at:

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