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Why I will not be getting a Cobber Ring

I couldn’t afford a ring at the time I attended Concordia, but I had plans to purchase one at some point in the future. However, after hearing of recent decisions made on campus, I’m not so sure the ring means what it once did.

I’ve always seen the Cobber Ring as a physical representation of the community that makes Concordia. It symbolizes learning, mentorship and, most importantly, family. But, because of verdicts made by the current administration, I’m not convinced Concordia stands for these wonderful things anymore. And, if Concordia no longer retains these qualities, the reputation of family does not exist. Therefore, the ring means nothing.

What I want this new administration to understand is that you CANNOT make decisions for this campus based off of numbers and money. You have to put family first if you are going to see any kind of positive change. After all, this college would be nothing without the students and faculty.

So, when the administration is ready to listen to logic, give me call. I’d be delighted to chat. Until then, consider my checkbook closed indefinitely.


Michaela M. Chorn

Class of 2013

This article was submitted by Michaela Chorn, contributing writer.

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