Hey, You. Log off your Facebook, cease the tweeting, and power down your texting machine for about five minutes; I’ve got something I want you to hear (or read…I guess). If you are somewhere between 0 and 27 years old, or thereabout, you just may be part of what I’ve dubbed “The Most Awkward Generation.”

Tom Brokaw referred to those born in the 1910’s, 20’s and 30’s as “The Greatest Generation” for participating in and surviving such monumental historical events as The Great Depression, World War II, The Korean War and The Vietnam War. Why does our generation earn high marks in awkwardness, you ask? For our (note: I include myself) role in making video games the top source of fun and moving social life to the Internet.

Facebook and Twitter are easy to fault, but I’m not even going to go there, as both can contribute to the greater good of society. Although calling either site “an improvement” on what previously existed is a bit of a stretch, it at least can be done.

One site which has drawn my ire in recent weeks is likealittle.com. Forget that this Web site is completely pointless; it’s morally reprehensible and is only contributing to the downfall of both our own generation and (God forbid) future generations.

I’m not sure I want to live in a world in which you can hit on people anonymously. Do you really think that “dude with black rimmed glasses” is hot? Has he really stolen your heart? Do you think that girl who always sits alone in Astronomy is cute? Do you love it when she “fixes her nails in class?” Here’s an idea: GROW UP and TALK TO THEM. Who knows, maybe that person will talk with you. Or maybe they’ll give you their phone number so you can text them later, free of awkward in-person pressure.

Life is built on human interaction. The easier we make it to talk to people without actually interacting with them, the more awkward we become. And the less we actually live.

So get out there and live life. Talk to people. Smile at people. If a cute guy or girl smiles at you in Knutson, maybe you should say, “Hi, what’s your name?” instead of later typing “DAAAAAYYYYYUMMMMM!” Some people would actually like to talk.

So that’s my two cents. Thank God I didn’t have to deliver this address in-person…now that’d just be awkward.

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