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It’s very rare that I get to write an editorial addressed to one person. In fact, I never do it. This week, though, things happened that made it nigh irresponsible to not write such an editorial. I won’t go into details as to what this is about, but the person addressed in this editorial knows who they are.

To the writer of the anonymous letter slipped under our door this week,

You asked us very clearly to print your letter as close to the front page as possible.
Here’s why that’ll never happen:

1. We don’t print anonymous letters. All opinions submitted to The Concordian MUST include the writer’s name and year in school, at the very least.

2. We don’t print opinion pieces (except reviews…and unless you’re reviewing Concordia, this is clearly not a review) anywhere but the Opinions page. This is not very close to the front page. Even if we did print it, you’d have to settle for page eight or nine.

3. Concordia can’t control everyone. Just because someone wrote on a sidewalk doesn’t mean it’s the view of the sidewalk…or the college. I could literally run around some night and write, “Luther was wrong” everywhere on campus. Does that mean the college supports this view? It’s on their sidewalk, right?

Please accept my deepest apologies about our inability to share your opinion with the college community. Include your name next time, and then MAYBE we’ll talk.

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