Four flights of stairs below the stage in the Frances Comstock Memorial Theatre are boxes filled with vampire teeth, prosthetic monster masks, beaded fabrics, and a powder that mimics blood when mixed with water. The Concordia College theatre department is preparing for William McNulty’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” openingContinue Reading

The remodeling of Ivers-Jones has forced science, mathematics and nursing professors to relocate to Fjelstad, and their classes are now spread across campus. “The majority of the mathematics classes are in Old Main and Grant Center,” said Dr. Douglas Anderson, head of the mathematics department. “Some of them are alsoContinue Reading

Students without visiting families find ways to make memories during Family Weekend As Family Weekend approaches, senior Kylie Windecker thinks of her parents, who who died from illness in 2009 and 2013. She remembers watching old black and white films with her dad and having long conversations with her mom,Continue Reading

Grocery Bingo

With classes in full swing and homework piling up, students are looking for ways to de-stress. Campus Entertainment Committee is offering a variety of on campus events this year for the fraction of the cost that would be required for doing the same activities off campus. Concordia students pay aContinue Reading