Natural light flowed in from nearly every direction of Edward Schmoll’s semi-circular office. Books ranging from “Basic Works of Aristotle” to Taber’s Encyclopedic Medical Dictionary lined the shelves of his office. A box of Saltine crackers  sat atop a pile of Kodak Carousel Slide Tray boxes, a Montana Grizzlies clockContinue Reading

When Tansy Wells sat in Jones 212 for her first science class at Concordia, Evolution and Diversity, she looked around at the 50 other students in her class. She chose Concordia because of its smaller classes and student-to-faculty ratio, but a packed lecture hall was not what she anticipated. “IContinue Reading

About this time every semester, faculty members leave their classrooms for a few minutes to allow students to answer questions about their performance and experiences with the course. While the process of evaluating faculty is widespread and encouraged by academic divisions and departments, the instructions and background information about theContinue Reading