“And this cat is dead and it’s frozen and its claws are in the carpet. It’s like a cat popsicle. You could hold it by its tail and lick it if you wanted to,” says Zach Johnson, the winner of the January edition of The Tell for his telling ofContinue Reading

“I think of inspiration as a two-way channel. I think you have to start with an inspired mind and be positively charged and engaged in the environment around you. If we pass through time with a receptive and alert attitude, everything becomes a possible external source of inspiration. Maybe thatContinue Reading

This review is mostly for the male members of the Concordia community, although it does provide a short history lesson on barbershops based on research done by The Art of Manliness’ Brett and Kate McKay and the Wikipedia community. If there are men in your life who suffer from badContinue Reading

“It could’ve been worse, I could’ve stood up there and gotten an erection,” says a middle age man wearing a casual button-down and jeans. He stands on the stage at Studio 222, a fine establishment for a quaint and cozy audience. The setting is intimate, lighting is ideal, atmosphere isContinue Reading

The Stage at Island Park in Fargo, ND is hosting works from two Concordia students. Michaela Chorn, a senior this year, and Andrea Wagner, a Concordia alumna, both received the SGA Undergraduate Research Fellowship award. Both, Chorn and Wagner studied under Professor David Boggs. The students’ works are on displayContinue Reading

Downtowns across the country are benefiting from “Renaissance zones” aimed at restoring old buildings and boosting pedestrian traffic. Programs are also being implemented to encourage more walking and less driving. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in bike share programs, like Nice Ride in the Twin Cities (and the potential forContinue Reading

Bike theft has been a serious problem on campus and in the Moorhead community for years. According to Lieutenant Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead Police Department, 49 bike thefts have been reported from on- and off-campus in just the last three months. These numbers are steady throughout the year andContinue Reading

An elephant picture hangs on the wall, the mother’s trunk curled around her baby. A Bible verse is printed across the bottom in a smooth script. “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13. The brown leather sofa and chair sit empty around the opposingContinue Reading