Concordia students should not count on being affected by this year’s flood due to decent weather conditions and the city’s infrastructure upgrades. The Red River has created significant troubles for Fargo-Moorhead residents in recent years, with the most serious flood cresting at 40.8 feet in 2009. “Everyone’s getting prepared, butContinue Reading

In a humble brick building, at 69 N 4th Street, lies the Green Market Kitchen. Right in the middle of downtown Fargo, this small restaurant offers an escape from the humdrum and gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary experience. The owners, Andrea Baumgardner, Steve Heiland, andContinue Reading

Imagine being able to walk out of your dorm room, hop on a bike and go to Dairy Queen whenever you want. No bike? Soon, that may not be a problem. Students from North Dakota State University, Concordia College and Minnesota State University Moorhead are working with city leaders toContinue Reading

You have likely watched a TED video before. From Bill Clinton to Malcolm Gladwell, speakers of incredibly diverse backgrounds have been invited to share their great ideas. These talks are tremendously popular, garnering hundreds of millions of views on the website. Just a few Sundays ago, Fargo hosted itsContinue Reading

Many different cultures from the Fargo-Moorhead area came together to celebrate at a local event on Saturday, Nov. 10. The event, Pangea: Cultivate Our Cultures, took place at the Hjemkomst Center. Admission was free and the event was open to the public. The Concordia French Club and Scandinavian Club bothContinue Reading

Bike theft has been a serious problem on campus and in the Moorhead community for years. According to Lieutenant Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead Police Department, 49 bike thefts have been reported from on- and off-campus in just the last three months. These numbers are steady throughout the year andContinue Reading