It is the time of year when students have to make decisions about studying abroad. With the usual thoughts of where to go and what is available in mind, the Office of Global Education hosted the Global Education Showcase Jan. 31 to answer those and other questions. This showcase isContinue Reading

Having an accent can result in unintended consequences in a person’s life. Is there anything wrong with having an accent? Is it fair for people to pose popular socially constructed stereotypes based on accents? Hang on with me as I explore this mind boggling topic. There are all kinds ofContinue Reading

Three new Student Government Association projects are scheduled to hit campus this month. These include a new campus publication, a new award and a campaign to save energy. The largest of these projects is the plan for a new campus publication. Vice President Greg Clark has been leading the planningContinue Reading

When Amazon originally released the Kindle in 2007, its appearance (and price) was much different than today’s model. It was clunky. The first Kindle looked and operated more like a fun prototype, and less like a serious reading device. Over the past few years, however, the device (and its competitors,Continue Reading

This past week I was working on a group project for one of my classes that entailed making a group video. No, it didn’t require an Oscar-winning performance from me; instead, the assignment required we find clips and assemble them together. The project seemed simple enough. Our group did anContinue Reading