Moorhead Mayor plans to revive city for students Mayor Del Rae Williams plans to revive Moorhead by reconstructing the downtown area and the mall, getting college students more involved within the community. Williams was inaugurated this past January. She said one of the main reasons of why she ran wasContinue Reading

It’s official—Bill Gates will speak at Concordia College this April. Concordia’s campus will be a different place with such a prominent, global figure on its grounds. In fact, the hype from the upcoming visit is already spreading throughout the school and spilling into the surrounding community, promising to change thisContinue Reading

“And this cat is dead and it’s frozen and its claws are in the carpet. It’s like a cat popsicle. You could hold it by its tail and lick it if you wanted to,” says Zach Johnson, the winner of the January edition of The Tell for his telling ofContinue Reading

An elephant picture hangs on the wall, the mother’s trunk curled around her baby. A Bible verse is printed across the bottom in a smooth script. “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13. The brown leather sofa and chair sit empty around the opposingContinue Reading

This article was written by Kate Gantz, a contributing author at The Concordian. For as long as I can remember, one of the most significant activities that brings my family together is trying new restaurants, especially when they pop up all over the Twin Cities where I live. And I’mContinue Reading

On March 9, 31 people came to Concordia College for a celebration and ceremony and left as new United States citizens. This naturalization ceremony was attended by families and friends of the new citizens, as well as Concordia staff, faculty, students and even alumni. The ceremony consisted of the necessaryContinue Reading

This article was written by Kaitlyn Gantz, a contributing author at The Concordian. I wanted to eat off campus, to wander around for a while, but I didn’t want to eat at the usual places: Pizza Patrol, Erb’s & Gerb’s, etc. One of my friends suggested Altony’s Italian Cafe, atContinue Reading