What we take to be a given often turns out to be a human invention that’s been in place so long that we’ve forgotten how it came to be. Lots of examples rush to mind: the earth-centered cosmos, the assumption that women can’t do “men’s work,” or—this comes from myContinue Reading

This article was written by Jonathan Fondell, a Contributing Writer for The Concordian. President William Craft’s inauguration draws ever closer and, as it approaches, so approaches the arrival of the Concordia College Corporation, Concordia’s final legal authority. Slated for this governing body is a schedule that promises legal business asContinue Reading

Before Memorial Auditorium fills with seniors, families and friends to send graduates off into the world, the facility will be flooded with Cobbers new and old to welcome someone new. On April 28, President William Craft’s inauguration will be held in conjunction with Founders Day Weekend. “Inaugurations are a milestoneContinue Reading

President William Craft’s inauguration has been scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012, as part of the Concordia’s Founders Day celebration one week before graduation. “Inaugurations are a milestone for a college,” said Tracey Moorhead, senior assistant to the president. “It’s a two-way thing – how we greet that leader andContinue Reading