Nearly every year, as spring break approaches, an article appears in The Concordian bemoaning Student Government as visible only during election season. These laments continue describing the nonexistent authority of the organization, the executive team’s desire to be the administration’s pet for letters of recommendation and other critiques using sharpContinue Reading

Proposed academic calendar change draws criticism from student survey, forum In response to Concordia students’ feedback regarding the proposal to move the school to a 1-3-3-1 academic calendar, Student Government Association has drafted a report for administrators to consider. SGA submitted a recommendation Wednesday that asked administrators of the collegeContinue Reading

Elimination of ‘intervis’ garners positive response from Cobbers   Student Government Association announced last week that Concordia will not have visitation restrictions, commonly referred to as intervis, in its dorms on campus with the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Students, faculty and staff gathered in Jones C/D on JanuaryContinue Reading

Thursday, Student Government Association will present their 2014-2015 student activity fee proposal to the Budget Planning Committee. If the proposal is passed, budget cuts will be made to some campus organizations because of income projections for the upcoming year. The SAF is a portion of tuition that goes toward fundingContinue Reading

This week Student Government Association released a proposal to decrease The Concordian’s funding from $12 per student to $10.50 per student for next school year. The proposed decrease in funding amounts to about $3,500 per year. This comes after last year’s reduction of nearly $5,000. If you are reading this,Continue Reading

Newly elected freshman class representatives Josh Mackner and Sara Juntunen and newly elected sophomore class representative Alex Gray are excited about the opportunities they will have to serve their classes this year. “I’ve been looking forward to running all summer,” Gray said. Class representatives are required to serve on eitherContinue Reading

Members of Student Government Association got into a heated discussion at their first Forum meeting Sept. 5. The source of the debate was the Special Projects and Initiatives Fund, called SPIF, a large sum of money that is available to students for projects and events on campus. “The SPIF isContinue Reading