During my time as a Cobber, I have allowed most changes made to furniture arrangements and eating implements in Anderson Commons to pass me by with little comment. Perhaps I grumbled at first when they began to replace the angular black bowls with the round white bowls last year, andContinue Reading

Many of my fellow feminists are extremely indignant about all dress codes, arguing that they are objectifying and that compliance to them often requires a lot more of women than men. But I haven’t always had a bone to pick with dress codes. I went to a Catholic school thatContinue Reading

Do you like McDonald’s french fries? Do you like the Offutt School of Business? Do you like Minnesota farmers? I hope you answered yes to at least one of those questions. Though the scope of those three things seems pretty broad, there is a significant correlation between them that shouldContinue Reading

One way to approach environmental activism is by utilizing systems thinking. Systems thinking is “the art and science of making reliable inferences about behavior by developing an increasingly deep understanding of underlying structure,” according to Barry Richmond, a late systems scientist for High Performance Systems, Inc., an IT Technology SolutionsContinue Reading

“Sin is Sin” and “The Innocence of Muslims” are extremely different cases that came into the spotlight as a result of social media. What we see, however, is the public response to these issues is not appealing and that leads me to ask: why do we respond to “hate” withContinue Reading

So I wrote my first article and (giant shocker) it wasn’t about freshmen. Well here I am, a week late and ready to chat about freshmen. Can I tell you guys something? I am a junior. I get to say things like “back in my day,” or, “oh my gosh…Continue Reading