Looking around at the Global Education Expo two weeks ago, it was easy to see the important place Global Education holds for Concordia’s students, faculty and administrators, and many take for granted the numerous international programs the college offers. What most people on campus don’t realize, however, is how farContinue Reading

In the summer of 2011, Concordia’s Emergency Response Team opted to have a second Code Blue emergency phone installed on the north side of campus near Park Region Hall. The first Code Blue emergency phone was installed in 2006 between 12th Avenue and Memorial Auditorium. Code Blue primarily provides emergencyContinue Reading

With the technological age on the rise, Concordia is implementing technology to aid on-campus communication.  Examples of this can be seen in the Knutson Campus Center with news displays on television monitors.  This trend has continued into Dining Services and the athletic facility. But with six news displays in theContinue Reading

Their outing to the Moorhead Buffalo Wild Wings was a spur of the moment thing. Sophomore Dan Coolie and five of his freshman-year floor mates started a family tradition last year, when the group spent one Wednesday night participating in the restaurant’s popular “All You Can Eat Wings” special. “WeContinue Reading

Effective this year, five paragraphs of campus sex rules have been axed in favor of 20 that spell out new meanings of sexual misconduct and consensual sex.  It’s there to send a message about the college’s firm stance on the seriousness of the issue. The changes rolled in after aContinue Reading

A team that loses half of its starters from nearly every position on the field is usually due for the dreaded rebuilding year. Unless it’s the Concordia Women’s soccer team, and they throw a handful of freshman directly into the starting lineup, only to go undefeated for the first sixContinue Reading

Starting into my second year as a pre-health professions student, and my third year at Concordia, I’ve learned several things, chief among them gaining the ability to refer to a group of people as Cobbers without breaking out laughing (Trust me, it’ll come). So Cobbers, let me tell you somethingContinue Reading

Life is a series of accepting things you never thought you would be old enough to face. Going to college, losing a loved one, becoming an aunt or a parent–these are events that we all know will happen in the distant future to the older, more mature versions of ourContinue Reading

The Concordia College campus is full of more new faces than last year. Scott Ellingson, director of enrollment, said enrollment numbers have improved in two major areas. The number of first-year students increased from 675 to 722 students. Additionally, the number of transfer students increased from 56 to 69 students.Continue Reading