In classical psychology, the term cognitive dissonance is often referenced when discussing conflicting emotions, views, perspectives, emotions and values. Cognitive dissonance includes the conflict between actions and values. For example, an individual who represents a movement that emphasizes equality and compassion while at the same time participating in and promotingContinue Reading

TIM MOSSER, HEAD VOLLEYBALL COACH I read with great interest Olivia LePage’s article in the February 9, 2017 Concordian, “The difference between pro-life and anti-choice.” It reminded me of a true story that happened at Concordia. Several years ago, a former player of mine came to visit me at myContinue Reading

The Women’s March on Washington, the largest civil rights protest on American soil, generated plenty of criticism from conservatives, men who believe “rabid feminists” are ruining masculinity, and women who claim they don’t need feminism at all. Although this march wasn’t solely a protest against the GOP’s dream of defundingContinue Reading

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North Dakota is now home to the most strict abortion restrictions in the nation after Governor Dalrymple recently signed three bills aimed at eliminating abortions within the state. This direct challenge to one of the most famous Supreme Court cases, Roe v. Wade, demands that the country reexamine its stanceContinue Reading

Collin Peterson Predicts The End of the MCCL It’s not often a Congressman publicly calls organizations which previously endorsed him “extremists.” Tuesday, however, when noted Democratic candidates Collin Peterson, Al Franken, Kent Eken, and Ben Lien came to speak to Concordia, Mr. Peterson became one such anomaly. Collin Peterson, Minnesota’sContinue Reading

The campaign of 2012 has been justly focused on the terrible economy and the creation of new jobs. However, because of the focus on this issue alone, the election has been markedly devoid of talk on “women’s issues”. Even though a certain Vice Presidential candidate has voted against the abilityContinue Reading