Study for religion and film tests, write reflection paper, plan the next SALSA meeting, work on intercultural communication project, schedule interviews for documentary, write blogs for internship, look for post-grad jobs, attend meetings for extracurriculars, write articles for the paper – all of this has to be completed before fallContinue Reading

We all know that the cost of tuition at is no small number, but that amount is what one student organization is working to raise this year in order to donate it to the Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo. Dance Marathon is an international non-profit organization that raises money forContinue Reading

“Does rape even happen at Concordia?” This question has come up in more than one conversation throughout my three years on campus. So many of us seem to be under the impression that rape is only rampant on large university campuses. We assume that it would never happen here. We’re livingContinue Reading

Concordia will host a new awareness week Students can share a meal that highlights the discrepancy between different financial situations, hear from community members working closely with the issue of homelessness or spend the night outside to reflect on this issue during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week Nov. 15 throughContinue Reading

The residence life staff got creative to raise awareness about Concordia College’s new sexual conduct policy. Students living in the on-campus apartments were invited to attend condom bingo, which took place in the Park Region lounge on Sep. 18. Senior Tara Wegner was one of the three Residence Life staffContinue Reading