I am a member of the rather large sector of the Concordia College community that believes Symposium, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Celebration of Student Scholarship are the best days of the academic year. While this may sound noble and intellectual —“Wow, look at Emma appreciating people’s hard workContinue Reading

In years past, Thanksgiving Break has been Thursday through Sunday but this year students can look forward to having the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as well. Ericka Peterson, a Concordia registrar and scheduler, thinks many students will benefit from the extra day, which will allow them more travel time. “TheContinue Reading

How to make the most of those precious few moments of relief Emotionally drained, our minds need a break. Time to put the books away and spend a night away from writing papers. No, I am not talking about resorting to video games or going out on the town withContinue Reading