Concordia isn’t BREWing if it doesn’t teach technology literacy If you were hoping for an edgy airing of grievances about Concordia, this is not the article for you. While emotional vents can be fun to read and to write, they are also the easier path to take when confronting anContinue Reading

Faculty Senate plan to incorporate more integrative experiences in curriculum To embellish the Concordia ideology of BREW, faculty, administration and students have been devising a potential curriculum change that would push students outside the classroom several times throughout their academic career. At the Faculty Senate meeting on Sept. 21, facultyContinue Reading

Hockey teams help community’s youth one slap shot at a time Both the men and women’s hockey teams at Concordia are putting the Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World motto into action. Through partnering with the inSports Foundation, the teams have been able to offer children across the state theContinue Reading

The fourth annual BREW week is full swing and students are learning how to be sustainable. But not just environmentally. BREW week is put on by Campus Service Commission and allows students to be responsibly engaged in the world in various ways. Moriah Nelson, CSC Commissioner, says they got theContinue Reading

A staffer in Concordia’s admissions office, who was intentionally not named by the office, methodically went through and confiscated all copies of The Concordian in Knutson Campus Center yesterday. This week’s Concordian featured on the front page a story about students’ use of alcohol before campus dances. The story wasContinue Reading