Entrepreneurial Inventing Club produced a hunting duck decoy as a way for students to get real world experience with inventing. Entrepreneurial Inventing Club provides a collaborative environment for students to invent and create products that could receive patents, according to Michael Thompson, president of the club. “[It’s] a place forContinue Reading

After a 10-year hiatus, Concordia’s International Business Club is underway, pushing for a greater presence on campus through new features and technology. “We hope to create a community of people who are interested in global issues and working together to make a difference in the world,” Elise Woodwick, president ofContinue Reading

College towns may prove one of the most challenging environments in which to run a business. Between the constantly changing taste preferences and ever-amorphous fads that we college students tend to cycle through, reaching consumers and maintaining their short-lived attention must be a daunting task indeed. In the face ofContinue Reading

Zach Lipp, Christoffer Birch-Jensen, Matt Gantz and Levi Bachmeier signed up for the Startup Weekend event expecting 54 hours of serious work committed to ideas that would significantly influence the community. Once they arrived, they witnessed something else. Startup Weekend, a nonprofit initiative that promotes entrepreneurship, came to Fargo onContinue Reading